Romensa 8702 Sleeping Wear

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若曼莎8702睡眠内衣 复古轻奢印花,柔滑光泽缎面加上复古印花图案,配上荷叶边、蕾丝、蝴蝶结等浪漫元素 罩杯采用蕾丝加色丁包边,肩带处打蝴蝶结,下摆双层荷叶边,既可以外穿、也可以居家、日常、随心穿着 采用可拆卸直立棉模杯,透气轻盈,罩杯上厚下薄,自然提托,另外还赠送精美收纳袋,不管是整套携带外出旅行,还是其它用途,超实用又美观 若曼莎8702睡眠内衣 (五件套) = RM 292 一吊裙、一文胸、一内裤、一眼罩、一收纳袋 M ~ 70-75底围 ABCD 罩杯 L ~ 75-80底围 ABCD 罩杯 XL ~ 80-85底围 ABCD 罩杯 Romensa 8702 Sleeping Wear

Retro luxury silky glossy satin with vintage print. Ruffles, lace and bow are add in to create the romantic elements. It can be worn casually outside or at home. The detachable cotton mold cup is breathable and light weight, the cup is designed to give the natural lifted effect. Beautiful yet practical storage bag is provided for traveling or other purposes. Romensa 8702 sleeping wear ( set of 5) RM292

1 hanging skirt, 1 bra, 1 pantie, 1 goggle, and a storage bag. M size : A,B,C,D cup and band size : 70-75 L size : A,B,C,D cup and band size : 75-80 XL size : A,B,C,D cup and band size : 80-85