Shapewear-The Face Shaper by Romensa Rosu

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ROSU‬铂‭金⁢版 -焕͏颜‬脸⁠托 

*⁢V⁢脸塑‎形͏ ⁡

​*紧‎致‭肌​肤‎ ⁢


近期人手必备// 至少两盒的V脸托








-Consists of 1 Piece Pink face Shaper 

-Size: Free Size 


*Material : Using fabric which contains 3 types of essential oils,including Camelia essential oils and blended with highly concentrated vitamin A 

 which can brighten skin complexion, delay skin aging , and improve skin elasticity and smoothness.

*Lifting, tightening your chin and cheek, reducing double chin, enchance skin contours, prevent face sagging.

*Adjustable hook-and-eye design .


*Wear it when you are reading, watching TV , using a computer , on a flight , or sleeping.

*Gift idea for girlfriend , she will absolutely love it.

*Washing Guide:

Wear it 2-3 times before every wash ,washing too frequently will reduce the lifespan of the product.

Hand wash with cold water or water which is less than 30 degrees.

Use mild detergent and make sure the detergent is fully mixed into the water before you submerge 

andsoak the face shaper belt into the water .Do not soak in the water for too long .

Wrap the face shaper belt with a dry towel and gently press to remove water from the belt,

do not twist the belt . Hang the face shaper belt in a cool and ventilated place to dry , avoiding direct sun exposure.