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A generous heart is always open, always ready to receive our going and coming.
In the midst of such love, we need never fear abandonment


a young and frivolous temperament gave her a unique advantage in being tougher than others, allowing her to establish herself firmly in this cutthroat society.

In her rush for success, she dares borrow millions in down payment for un unqualified direct sales. Her venture failed, and as such, she was forced to work to clear all her debts, which took three years of time.

In those days, her dream had seem so far off. She had been a cashier, a waitress, and a cleaner. From there she had learnt, life has never been hard due to rough jobs. Instead, it was the intricacies of the working environment, complicated minded people, and life, which itself is filled with disloyalty and betrayals, that has made living tough.

Life's hard, Dream's far.
The adversity she had faced over her life had prodded Alice, forced Alice, to overcome her own limitations not once, nor twice, but many times over. From those experiences was she made to understand, the only thing, the only way she can go about changing her life is to work hard. That for her to get out of the downward spiral her life has been trending towards, she must fight, for herself, and for her future.

Her mentality already honed by the tough days spent working to repay her debts, she applied for and joined a branded children cloth manufacturer. Starting from scratch as a beginner, she was paid "The monthly salary was RM1500 at that time". But soon enough, she was transferred to Dongguan, China by her company. Due in part to her hard-working attitude, she was given more vital and important tasks. Said business trip had served to broadened her horizons and mind then.

She says she has never forgotten about her dreams, "When I was a child, I'd dreamed of becoming a fashion designer." She would play with cloth stickers in those days, cut and paste, to 'design' her own stickers. In time, she would design clothes instead, cut and tailored, to meet her envisioned designs. She would take a fashion graphic design course as way of achieving her goal. Sadly, with her eyes blinded by avarice, she gambled on a shortcut to success, and was forced to pay dearly for her hubris.


When her mother was suffering from stage 4 lung cancer,"I was born in Alor Setar, Kedah and then married to Kuala Lumpur but my mom was getting her medical treatment in Penang." Alice would travel between those three places frequently. Although life was tough and merciless to her, she kept telling herself to stay tough, to be strong, for she is the eldest among her siblings and the burden of family that her mother has been carrying was hers to take on now, all so that her mother may recover with no worries.


    represents mother


    stands for her name, Alice


    means t-stage in mandarin


    is opportunity

"I really hope that the fashion design would be a platform to keep spreading it towards my mother, the endlessly love." Maybe it was because of her filial piety, and also her meticulous care towards her mother, Alice's mom, diagnosed by the doctor to have perhaps only three months left, survived till now. Even n the busy days spent handling her business affairs, she remains a very filial daughter.

As a human being, we play different roles in many aspects. Same goes to Alice Ng, she plays various role in her life: as a daughter, as someone's wife, as someone's sister, as a fashion designer, and being a person in charge of a brand. There is no exaggeration to say that Alice is a "superwoman" in her career. From drafting, layout sample, check and count stock available, invite model for advertising purposes, online page managements, billing, ironing, packing, delivery and customer services, yes, she did all of these by her own.

Fortunately, Alice met someone who supports her, loves her, and understands her well. They get married and he became her mental supporter in facing all kind of hurdles in life. She smiled and said, " without the past, today's Alice won't be here. I am thankful for all the decisions I made in the past. No matter it is right or wrong, it grows me up eventually.

I'm grateful that Miato is gradually accepted and recognized by peers and the society, invited by MBDA and IDFR runway fashion show.” Now, Miato is a designated brand by the travel writers, the broadcasters and media production company.


The fundamental aim of the company is to make trendy fashion accessible.
We believe that every woman deserves to look their best without compromising on price tags. That’s why we have been working hard to source from overseas manufacturers,catering to you with the quality affordable garments. Our founder decided to launch Bymiato as a distinct label. The essence by Miato is sartorial elegance ,apparels exudes luxury with it's high quality trendy designs whether for the office or that special night out, we strive to produce contemporary yet timeless designs that match the impeccable taste of those between 20 and 50-something.

We take pride in what we do. And we are passionate about fashion, just like you. Drawing inspiration from the runway and high street, our designing team works hard and creatively on our design. Above all we are very particular about quality materials. In addition, the cutting and silhouette design element is what we are focusing on. So rest assured, you will be transcended without breaking the bank. Your dream wardrobe is one-click away. We currently ship to domestic address and international destinations such as Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand.

However, we know that you will love us, so we aim to follow your journey worldwide.